The Animal Improvement Act prescribes that all registered Boerboels must bear permanent and uniform identification marks. BDBAN has chosen Microchipping as its official form of marking (identifying) dogs for of registration purpose.

To ensure professional handling and reduction of cost, BDBAN offers this service to all boerboel owners and breeders through our partner, Identiphy Limited (an animal identification and database management company). Microchip is part of BDBAN’s Birth Notification packages.

Only puppies with microchips (number to be provided with the birth notification), will be issued with birth certificates, and dogs must have microchips when presented for appraisal.


DNA Testing/Profiling

DNA testing is compulsory for all boerboels, especially:

✓ All breeding dogs (male and female) for the registration of their offspring

✓ All dogs on the Stud Register; and

✓ All dogs on the Development Register


BDBAN uses the services of UNISTEL Animal Services, diagnostic genetics laboratory, Repubic of South Africa, to do DNA tests of Boerboels – using saliva swabs or blood swabs or hair follicle samples. The cost of all DNA tests shall be borne by the owner of the dog. The results will be sent to BDBAN, SABBS and SA Stud Book.

BDBAN have collection centers in strategic locations in most of the states of the federation to make it easier for members to submit their dogs’ specimen.


Birth Notification

To capture the data relating to all boerboels towards final birth notification from SABBS, BDBAN has commenced its Birth Notification. This is to capture and document all boerboels bred in Nigeria (from registered or unknown parents) for proper monitoring of locally bred boerboels, especially those from unregistered parents as they prepare their journey into the Development Register.

The process of Birth Notification from SABBS is as highlighted on www.sabbs.org BDBAN will assist all members in getting this from SABBS from time to time.

Download Birth Certificate Entry Form


Stud Service Certificate

Download Certificate


Transfer of Ownership

The owner in whose name a dog is registered, must inform the Secretariat within 30 days of any change of ownership transactions. The dog’s registration certificate must accompany the Transfer of Ownership form. In the case of a pregnant female to be transferred, the Service (Mating) certificate must be included as well. It is important to note that offspring can be registered in the name of the owner on record only.

There is no cost for the first transfer of ownership of a puppy/dog (or name change) from a breeder to an owner. Therefore, breeders may initially submit only a number or temporary name for a puppy, as this will be changed free of charge when it is transferred to the new.